Optimizing For Mobile

Mobiles are being increasingly used for online sales, but selling and marketing from mobile websites is often quite different, from doing the same thing from desktop websites. Traditionally designers of desktop websites have used graphics for many distinctly separate reasons. This includes Marketing, Promoting, Presentation, and Navigating. Desktop websites have a tendency of presenting their offers with the height of glamour and panache. To this end, Desktop Website Designers use extravagant flurries of imaginative graphics to attract the Customer. But customarily, Mobile websites are created as concise and concentrated in the message, as possible. Flurries of Graphics are taboo here. Mobile Website Designers avoid using Marketing and Promotional Graphics, in-fact they use minimal graphics only for Navigation. Optimizing a website for mobile is therefore a special category of website design and needs special skills to execute successfully.

Mobile Sites

Mobiles have had a very interesting progress since the early days, when it could be used for making and receiving phone-calls only. In other words, it was just a traveling phone set. Sometime later, it was actually possible to view the Internet on the phone. But the experience was so bitter, that the instability of the Internet on the phone made many people long desperately for the professionalism of the PC designers. It seemed pathetic that the designers for websites on mobile phones would dare to present such devices to the public. To ensure that buyers still bought these phones, for something other than making personal phone-calls, on a mobile platform, features were added which actually had little to do with communication from this moving device. Phone Cameras came into being, and some phones could also be used as emergency torches. But the use of the Online, as the PC had demonstrated the possibilities, still seemed very far away. ‘Feature’ Phones were becoming the style icon, and the multiplying features tried to cover-up the lack of communication power. In the mean time, the Network was becoming even more powerful and energized.

Ultimately the Smart Phone came into existence. The advent of Smart Phones revolutionized the Internet on mobiles. The previous problems were found to be because most websites were not optimized for mobile device viewing. This was in-spite of a somewhat simplistic number of requirements for optimization. This optimization meant using CSS Based Layouts instead of Table Based Layouts, Reduction of Image File sizes to suit imaging on mobiles, No Flash, and try hard to reduce the overload on Data download. The advent of the Smart Phone cleared the road for true mobile optimization. The touch-screen completely changed the way people surfed the Internet.

How to Optimize

The idea that mobile optimization meant was creating websites that could grow with the Seller’s business, dawned on mobile website designers. The new Mobile Website designs had features which ensured that the B2B Website Design was easily scalable, such that greater content and functionality could be integrated even after the creation of the website itself, “as a work in progress”. The Seller of products and services on the website could now integrate and add new products and services, expansion of areas and locations of activity, and even change or addition of Personnel. Using WordPress CMS, even a non-technical person can now make content changes to the website. The ‘Edit’ function creates an extra weapon for optimization of websites on mobile, in the hands of the User.

Navigation is an important factor for optimization, because the website must be easily found if one is to visit it. For example, with the escort finder site skipthegames, a user can sort by cities. They make navigation easy by having different easy to find pages for top escort cities. The latest SEO practices are in use, to improve Ranking of the Website Owner, to increase prominence in a web search. This search is often industry specific and geo-targeted to improve the chance of the website connecting with the potential buyer.

Best Optimizations Examples

Optimizing a website for mobile is always better in the hands of experienced professionals than first timers. Some of the best optimized websites on mobiles are:

  • Amazon
  • Google Maps
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • E-Bay
  • BuzzFeed
  • Evernote
  • Typeform
  • Shutterfly
  • Elf on the Shelf

Mobile Websites have become increasingly compelling and interactive to Smart Phone Users with their smaller screen sizes and specific functionalities. Finally, it is the most responsive of these websites, optimized for mobiles that stand out.… Read the rest

Make Your Site Faster! Page Load Speed Hacks

Do you have a website? And are you constantly checking it to see if it needs any updates and so because you don’t seem to get much viewers? You change the layout, the colors, add more pictures, overall make the site seem as pleasant and eye catching as it can be. But even after doing all of this how come you still aren’t getting viewers?

With no for few viewers it will drive your website to the bottom of the result pages due to the lack of people on it. So you have to figure out what is wrong immediately or else there could be severe consequences.

Now one of the reasons why you may not be getting viewers is due to the speed it takes to load the page. There are occasions when websites will lag, there are many reasons as to why this may happen, these can be discussed later on. The more important thing is that you have to overcome it somehow. There are plenty of ways to do this too, but you have to see what the most effective way is. It could be an extremely simple case, or it may take a long time to do, and it could end up becoming costly. So it is important to find strategies to improve page load speed on your website, but it also important to make sure that you are doing it at a balanced rate.

Diagnostics-Why might the loading speed be slow?

Loading speeds could be low for several reasons, most of them can be minuscule, and easily fixable, but some are more complicated. You can use PageSpeed Insights or other tools to see what might be slowing your site down. One reason why it may be slow is because of the un-optimized images. If there is large number of un-optimized images it can be slow because high resolution image take up a lot of bandwidth. You could also have JavaScript issue, the use of these sort of query plugins have made it easier, convenient and dynamic to have better content on websites. But the thing is coding can sometimes be difficult, confusing, and challenging, therefore mistakes can be made. When mistake are made, or the coding is done incorrectly then this could also cause issues with the loading speeds. Since it take time for the query or JavaScript to load and be interpreted it can delay the loading web page.

You could also have too much of flash content, flash tools are great for adding interactivity to your site, but these can be bulky, as they are big in size. The bigger the size means the slower your page will be. Furthermore there could be excessive HTTP requests. When a user visits your page they will make requests, that means they go to what they want, click new links and so on, this can also deteriorate the page load speed. Not making use of caching techniques can also be the cause of the problem. If you’re not caching it means your missing out as what caching does is speed up the process.

There could also be unclean codes, these could be like extra white lines, or empty new lines, and so on. Since there is nothing there it assumes that just because the line is there some information may be there. So it will take time to read the code eventually slowing down the speed of the page. These are just a few things that may be the reason for the slow speeds, so it’s important to check these out so it won’t be slow anymore.

What strategies can you use?

Your page is slow, so now you’re trying to find some kind of strategies to improve the page load speed on your website. Well there are a couple of ways, but before you try them you have to asses what s causing the problem, that way you can get a better performance. Now say you have un-optimized images the best way to fix this issue is by considering the format, if it is in a JPEG then it will load faster because the size is smaller compared to other formats. Consider using a free web tool (like this one) to compress images to smaller sizes. Now assume you have too much flash content, then the best thing for you to do is to reduce the file size, this is the same as it is for pictures, the smaller it is the faster it will load.

Remember to cache, this is extremely important, because it is any requests from the same content gets cached and immediately it will increase the speed of the whole data retrieval process. You also need to clean up your code, this means getting rid of all those unnecessary white, and empty lines. So don’t be lazy and clean up your code. Ads are also a big problem, but sometimes it can be difficult to get rid off. One way to get rid of them is by buying premiums and such. These are just a few strategies that could be used to improve the speed, so do what is necessary for you. You can also see some best practices suggestions from Moz.

Why is speed important?

Speed matters, it matters a lot, because the speed of it will make a first impression, when it loads faster people will praise it, so you have a good first impression. Plus speed is needed, people aren’t going to wait around until it loads. By the time it takes to load it they would have found another better site. So if you don’t want to lose viewers consider the speed. It is also good for user experience, because it is beneficial to them, so they would always have a positive attitude toward the site. Furthermore a slow website kills conversions, you don’t want that. It is basically you losing all of your customers, which means there will be a drop in sales. Slow websites are not good for the long run, because if people aren’t going on your site the SEO of it will drop, and you won’t be at the top anymore, and it would be difficult to get back up.… Read the rest